The Show

About The Show

Urban Illusions is a close up magic show in New York City that takes place in an unconventional performance space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

Rather than sitting in a theater facing the front of the room, patrons are seated around a table of 10 where your magician for the evening, Hayden Childress, performs an hour of unique close up magic and mentalism themed around urban lifestyles.

Hayden Childress is a magician and mentalist based out of New York City. He has performed on TV shows like Fool Us and regularly performs in popular NYC magic shows such as Speakeasy Magick and Monday Night Magic.

The show takes place currently once a month at

172 S 2nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

The performance takes place in a former 3 bedroom apartment gutted and renovated into a restaurant and event space.