A Hidden, Close-Up Magic Show in New York City.

Featuring Hayden Childress

An Incredible Magic Show for an Audience Limited to 15 Attendees

Experience Urban Illusions, an incredible magic show in NYC, hosted by magician and mentalist Hayden Childress.

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this close-up magic extravaganza immerses you in an unconventional performance space.

Unlike traditional theater settings, you’ll be seated around a table with fellow guests, ready to witness an hour of mind-blowing close-up magic and mentalism inspired by urban lifestyles.

Hayden Childress, known for his appearances on TV shows like Fool Us, brings his captivating performances to this unique venue, which was once a renovated 3-bedroom apartment transformed into a remarkable restaurant and event space. 

Join us at 172 S 2nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, for an unforgettable evening of magic and wonder.

The Show

Escape the busy streets of New York City and step into an unassuming room in Williamsburg where you will experience an authentic close-up magic show like no other. With a limit of only 15 people per show, you will have a front-row seat to witness every astonishing trick and illusion up close.  This is an immersive and interactive show, which means no two shows are the same.

This show features sleight of hand magic, mentalism, and audience participation and uses everyday objects that one would find in an urban setting.


Hayden Childress

Hayden Childress is a professional magician and mentalist based out of New York City. He has been featured on TV shows such as Penn and Teller: Fool Us, and regularly performs across North America in theaters and for organizations like Google and Viacom.

Hayden is also frequently featured off-broadway in Monday Night Magic as well as at Speakeasy Magick at the Mckittrick Hotel.

The Venue

The venue is located at 

172 S 2nd street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

The show takes place in a former NYC style loft 3-bedroom apartment, gutted and re-built into a private event space.


An intimate and unforgettable magic experience awaits for a limited audience of 15.


We are limiting the show to 15 seats in an artistic effort to keep the show as personable and up close as possible. Everyone will have a great seat, and the magic will happen just a few inches away. 

Beer, Wine, Sake, and Soft Drinks are available for purchase before and during the show.

Dinner reservations are available at Fan Fried Rice before the show. We recommend one hour before showtime to ensure enough time

This show is recommended for ages 18+. 

The show lasts approximately one hour. 

The name comes from its location being in Brooklyn. It is a show that explores the connection between magic, illusion, and deception in our modern, urban life.